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Full stack web development


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The building of a web application's front end (client side) and back end (server side) is referred to as full stack development (server side).

Full stack web developers are web developers who can create comprehensive web apps and websites. They work on the frontends, backbends, databases, and debugging of online apps and websites.

What is frontend web development?

The actual display of your website, such as how the information appears in browsers and on mobile devices, falls under this skill set. HTML and CSS, as well as the JavaScript programming language, will be familiar to a specialized frontend developer. With these languages, the developer can update the information on a website extremely easily, making it more appealing and effective.

What is backend web development?

Developers should knowledge to prepare the logic of a system in order that the overarching program or web site will run properly. All frameworks and libraries should be integrated into the appliance and arranged in a very method that permits alternative developers to keep up that codebase over time.

To accomplish this goal, side developers should have a strong set of foundational skills. this could include: Java, Object-Oriented Programming, SQL/NoSQL, Python etc